The 3 Rs


A series of posters promoting recycling awareness in schools

In Brief

Just as charity begins at home, so should recycling, and it should carry on in school.

This was the objective of Wastebuster, a community interest charity that supports schools to become sustainable, working in partnership with Recycle Now to produce a campaign that raised recycling awareness in schools.

Monkeehub were commissioned to produce a series of high impact posters that could be hoisted proudly amongst the corridors of powers-to-be.

The materials were developed in close collaboration with Wastebuster, which meant we were able to enlist the help of Wastebuster’s chief mascot, ‘Captain Busta’ – a blue monkey from farthest reaches of outer space sent to earth to help us combat waste.

The posters and flyers were made available for distribution via Local Education Authorities and schools to encourage pro-environmental behaviour and ensure that pupils were aware of the other equally important 3Rs within education: reducing, reusing and recycling.