A truck load of tasty ‘toons about a drive-thru restaurant where anything can, and does, show up for a snack

When Nickelodeon came knocking enquiring whether we had any ideas for short, silly animations we said “lets do lunch!”

It’s a good thing we did because amidst the jolly gastronomy we had an idea about a drive-through fast food restaurant located slap-bang in the middle of the Twilight Zone, and which served sustenance to all manner of strange customers.

After careful marination in a secret sauce, a selection of story ideas were pitched and five were chosen for the broadcast banquet.




The series logo is derived from the neon sign that sits atop the restaurant roof. At the start of each episode a firefly flits dizzily into the sign causing a short-circuit and highlighting different letters relating to that particular storyline.


A poster design that was also utilised as DVD sleeve artwork.

Character Development


An extract from Episode #1 storyboard. Static storyboards were created for each episode before being developed into animatics.