The JCB Song


The award winning, ground breaking, trend setting music video about a father, a son and a yellow digger

When home-grown music label FDM records first contacted Monkeehub with an enquiry to create an animated video for their first single release, they probably had little notion of what was about to unfold.

To be honest, neither did Monkeehub.

However, very shortly after the completed music video and website campaign for ‘The JCB Song’ were launched it became copiously clear that something special was happening.

The video and website smashed through the million unique views in a matter of days and a viral wildfire spread that lit up every crevice and corner of the internet.

Propelled by the huge appeal of the video and website, coverage from major stations and music video channels, and a seminal appearance on Top Of The Pops, The JCB Song was crowned Number 1 of the UK music charts.

And rightfully so.

In an industry often viewed as manufactured and contrived, the raw creativity of Monkeehub combined with the raw talent of Nizlopi to exhale a blast of authentically fresh air and art into the public arena. Given the unmitigated success of the campaign, it seems the world was gasping for it.

D&AD Annual – 2006

South By SouthWest Film Festival – 2006

Futureshorts Film Festival – 2005