Top 8 Leadership Mistakes


A series of comic insights into common managerial faux pas

The challenges facing first time leaders is something the E-Learning department at BP takes seriously. So much so that they developed an entire internal portal dedicated to training, informing and guiding fresh faced leaders.

Amongst all the seriousness however, BP felt that the audience would also appreciate a chance to see the lighter side of the subject.

Monkeehub¬†reviewed the substantial material being developed for the portal and, having sifted the dry sands of subject matter, found a refreshing oasis of comic relief in the form of a document titled: ‘most common manager mistakes’.

From this compilation of common leadership pitfalls, we¬†developed ‘The Top 8 Leadership Mistakes’: a series of 7 (yes, the miscount is intentional) animated videos that send up fictional manager ‘Phil’ and his long-suffering team of co-workers.