Top Trumps


A set of character designs for an eco-friendly version of Top Trumps

In Brief

Pushing aside years of repressed childhood rage, Monkeehub leapt at the chance to design the characters for a new series of Top Trumps cards.

The characters were all based on recyclable materials and needed to feel entirely individual yet part of a homogeneous set.

It seems only fitting that a game which can be played over and over was given a recycled makeover.


From the outset the intention was to convey the materials and textures inherent to each characters construction and thus promote awareness of their real life counterparts when it came to thinking about recycling.

A pseudo-realistic approach was therefore taken for the character designs, the idea being to use the real world examples of the materials as a foundation for the anthropomorphization.

Before & After

Drag the black bar to view the metamorphosis of Miss Penny Paper.